Positano - Amalfi - Ravello


The Amalfi Coast MUST be seen from the see to try an unforgettable experience that you will bring forever in your mind. The unforgettable idea of the colourful houses built the one on the other with an incredible precision cascading into the sea.
It’s a hard work to imagine a place better than this postcard full of the Mediterranean beauty, with all this little amazing town kissed by the sun that one after the other enrich the Amalfi Coastline the southside in the Salerno Gulf.
Surprise and wonder: those who can’t fell these sentiments looking at this beauty are not able to feel emotions. It is impossible to not be enchanted by the perfect mix of the work of the men and nature.


07:30 Shuttle bus hotels – meeting point
08:35 Departure from Sorrento port
09:10 Arriving in Positano – shopping time
11:00 Departure from Positano to Amalfi
11:30 Arriving in Amalfi and shuttle bus to Ravello
12:15 Visit at Ravello town and villas
13:45 Departure from Ravello by shuttle bus to Amalfi
14:30 Arriving in Amalfi – Dome visit and walking tour
16:35 Boat departure to Sorrento
17:30 Arriving in Sorrento and shuttle bus per hotels – meeting point



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Descrizione del Tour

The tour will start at 07:30 from your hotel with a shuttle bus that will bring you to Sorrento port, the boat will leave at 08:35.
The first stop, approx. 09:10, is in the wonderful Positano that will welcoming you with its own characteristic landscape with houses “climb” on the rock. You will have free shopping and walking tour time (1,5 h) in the historical centre. After enjoying Positano town (11:00) the boat will sail along the rugged coastline and you can see the Praiano and Furore bay before arriving in Amalfi arriving approx. at 11:30. Here you will find a private bus which will bring you to Ravello, the real Amalfi Coast gem that seems hanging between sky and sea. You can visit Rufolo and Cimbrone villas in which the wonderful gardens rules dominate the sea offering a breath-taking spectacle. After the stop (1,5 h) the shuttle bus will bring you to Amalfi where you can visit the Dome and relax yourself into the historical centre. The boat will leave Amalfi at the 16:35 and will arrive to Sorrento at the 17:30.