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“Scorfanella” boat will bring you in an exclusive naturalistic tour. The boat will leave Sorrento port at 09:50 and will sail along the rugged coastline of Sorrento coast, the expert crew will amaze you with stories and tales surrounding this beautiful cost. While you are comfortably seated you can enjoy the rest of the ancient Roman villa Regina Giovanna, the Vervece rock and, passing the punta Campanella till Vetara rock and Li Galli island.



08:30 Shuttle bus Hotels – meeting point
09:40 Boat departure from Piano di Sorrento port
09:50 Boat departure from Sorrento port
11:00 Ieranto bay swim
12:30 Departure from Ieranto bay to Massa Lubrense
13:00 Research facility visit
14:30 Shuttle bus departure from Marina della Lobra to Sorrento
16:00 Shuttle bus Hotels – meeting point


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Descrizione del Tour

The first call, approx. at 11:00 is in the wonderful Ieranto Bay that is a restricted area from the 1997 because it’s a natural paradise. Here you can have a no conventional swim in the amazing flora and fauna that characterize the Natural Area.
After a stop of 1,5 h the boat will restart to the suggestive port of Marina della Lobra in Massa Lubrense town where a shuttle bus will bring you to the Natural Area research facility where you can enjoy an experience of virtual reality swimming into the deep of the Natural Area with natural experts.
At the end of the virtual reality the shuttle bus will bring you to the panoramic road in the town of “Sant’Agata sui due Golfi” and will end in Sorrento at 16:00